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Week 1: Imagery

Zen Garden 5_b_a

Image 1

Here is a classic Zen style image.  I just crop to a square to give it a more visually appealing look and feel to it.


Zen Garden 4_b_a

Image 2

Again another classic Zen style photo.  You have the stacked rocks in water.  I changed it to red to give it more of a warm feel.


Zen Garden 3_b_a

Image 3

This is more a modern take and inorganic photo of what could be taken as Zen.  With the incomplete circle in the center to give that the main focal point it makes the viewer ponder it.  I wanted to change the image to more cool colors, and cropped it tighter.


Zen Garden 2_b_a

Image 4

This green scenery photo makes me feel like I’m at peace and that’s the idea of Zen, so I really felt this image would work great.  The green is really eye popping and the change I wanted to make was to tone it down a bit and see if you still got the same peaceful feeling.  I also cropped it tighter.


Zen Garden 1_b_a

Image 5

This is calming and peaceful image of a flower that’s classic in Zen style.  The condensation on the rock and flower give it more of a refreshing feel to it. I wanted to have a black and white image and thought this would be the perfect image for that.  Like most of my other photos I cropped this one a bit.